Ask Yourself a few questions:

    • Is Spam a problem for you?

    • How are you verifying that your backups are working?

    • How long can you afford to be down without access to your network?

    • How concerned are you about the security of your company’s data?

    • How many times have you had a question or a problem and tried to call your computer guy and it takes hours or days to get resolution?

    • Other Companies Have Paid Over $395 for This Same Audit But It’s Yours Free Just for Saying “Maybe”

        We’ve decided to give you this audit as a good natured “bribe” to take a look at our MMAssist Program. After the audit, we will quote you a fixed monthly rate for maintaining and monitoring your network to ensure reduced vulnerability, increased network performance, little to zero down-time, and fewer system problems PERIOD. WE GUARANTEE IT!!

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